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Lyric video

When Vampire Weekend album’s Father of the Bride came out in 2019 I became obsessed with it, in particular with this song, so upbeat and short it invites you to play it again and again.
Being a fan of music videos but not having any experience creating one, I decided to experiment with After Effects to create a lyrics video for Bambina. This was the perfect excuse to hear it 1000 more times.

Music owned by Vampire Weekend.

Videos from Pixabay under the Creative Commons licence


It took me almost a year to read Life, Keith Richards’ tell-all autobiography, which is not even that long if you realize this book is worth more than 5 decades of incredibly detailed anecdotes of a life dedicated to rock & roll.

Since I finished reading the book I’ve been thinking of ways to represent Life and here’s the result.

Life as a series of interconnected events, friends, love, music, memories, actions and reactions, family, growth, pain, death, all linked like a spider web. Life as pieces of a broken mirror reflecting a mythical personality that is demystified through a narrative that is personal, sincere and even vulnerable.

How fascinating it is to see life through someone else’s eyes, to participate for a moment of their dreams and eavesdrop to their most obscure thoughts.