About Me

I am an independent graphic designer currently based in Mexico City working in different projects related to web, editorial and identity design.

While based in Mexico I’ve successfully worked with lots of clients remotely. I’ve had projects in Canada, USA, Colombia and Europe. My secret to working long distance is to be very responsive with communication, this way I achieve a free-flowing conversation that creates trust and accomplishes positive results.

I also have experience working in-house for bigger design firms like Bruce Mau Design, Usability Matters and The Daniels Faculty of Architecture in Canada and Ogilvy & Mather in Mexico . 

Personally, I would describe myself as someone who is centered and tries to achieve a balance in life. I love practicing sports, especially cycling and yoga. I listen to music almost all of my waking hours and go to rock concerts every chance I have. I love to learn and I’m pretty disciplined, I’m learning to play piano and guitar via Youtube and I’m also learning German at the Goethe Institut.

If you’re interested in working with me write me line at a@angelica-ramos.com.