100 covers

As a personal challenge I decided to design 100 album covers in 100 days. The main purpose was to work with graphic experimentation while being inspired by new music.

The project was inspired by a workshop taught at the Yale School of Arts in which students had to choose one design exercise and repeat it for a hundred continuous days.

The rules I followed:

Never having heard the song before
Only use songs released in 2011
Never repeat bands or artist
Never spend more than a day on it: upload deadline 12 am

Main Objectives:

To gain a deep understanding of myself as a designer identifying my habits, common places, limitations and possibilities while discovering new music. To create enough content to pump up my design portfolio.

I also needed to generate some certainty for myself. When I started this I was working from home and had some freelance projects here and there but it wasn’t enough to keep me really entertained. The 100-album project became my everyday routine, the thing I would wake up in the mornings for.

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